Agility Course

RAD our proud to announce the Grand Opening of our agility course is Saturday 25th September 2021 11:00am - 3:00pm

The opening is strictly a ticket only event. Tickets are free and can be obtained by entering your details below. There are limited tickets so be quick to reserve your spot. 

  • Guests include Steve and Linda Bennet from Dog Friendly UK 

  • We will have a number of stalls

  • You can bring along your dogs and try out our course

  • Speak to our in-house dog trainer and other dog experts

  • Meet our staff and Trustees

Find RADs Dog Agility Course at the rear of the Aylestone Leisure Centre; 2 Knighton Lane East, Leicester, LE2 6LU.

Order your tickets for our Agility Course Grand Opening here

We look forward to seeing you at our Grand Opening!

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RAD agility course

Recovery Assistance Dogs' agility course is planned to open on Saturday 25th September 2021.

RAD's Dog Agility Course at the rear of the Aylestone Leisure Centre; 2 Knighton Lane East, Leicester, LE2 6LU.

Ben Roddie RAD Dog Trainer:

"This will be a valuable asset to the charity. The link between physical health and mental health is often overlooked. The agility course will be a fantastic opportunity for us to bridge the gap as the mental stimulation from this type of activity greatly help us and our dogs improve our mental wellbeing. The course and it's location will also allow us leave our mark on the map and bring together the local community. "

The RAD agility course is used as part of Puppy Socialisation in summer months and other events by RAD throughout the year and is also for hire when we do not use it.

Hire Fees.

*Private hire by an Individual with a RAD trainer (2 dogs) £32.00 per Hour

*Private Hire by a sole Dog Trainer (no more than 6 dogs) £40.00 per Hour

*Hire by a large Dog Training Centre (no more than 6 dogs) £50.00 per Hour.

*Hire by a registered Dog Rescue (no more than 6 dogs) £10.00 per Hour.

To find out more details or hire the RAD Agility Course contact

Terms and Conditions

  • It is each dog owner’s responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of their dog by keeping all vaccinations up to date.

  • Try to encourage your dog to toilet before commencing training by taking them for a short walk. If your dog does toilet in a hall or grounds outside, it must be cleared up & disposed of by owners (we have mops available to help!) – some venues do not have bins so you may have to take it home.

  • Please do not bring your dog if they are unwell.

  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times unless otherwise instructed by a trainer.

  • Dogs who are in season are unable to attend the course. If your dog is due in season and you do not wish to risk losing the cost of lessons you may miss during a course, please wait, and book the next available course. Refunds are not available for weeks you cannot attend. If a dog comes into season before your course starts, we will offer you a place on another course.

  • You are not able to switch between courses to attend on a different day at any time during a course.

  • Trainers of RAD K9 School & owners of all training venues accept no responsibility for loss or damage to property or injuries to any person or their dogs whilst on any premises.

  • RAD K9 School reserves the right to exclude or offer alternative training to any dog owner if we consider it to be in their dogs’ best interests or to ensure the safety of others.

  • Please consider your own health and safety and wear suitable shoes and clothing for training dogs.

  • Course fees are non-refundable in any event once your course has been paid for.

  • All courses require a minimum number to run.  If a course is cancelled for this reason, you may be offered a place on another course or a refund.

  • Payment must be made in full when booking your course. Bookings are not confirmed without receipt of payment.

    Occasionally we use photos and video taken at training sessions to use on our website and social media channels. We do not publish any photographs of children. Agreeing to our terms means you are happy for your images to be used in this way. Please advise if you do not wish images of you and your dog while training to be used for this purpose.

  • Booking a course constitutes acceptance of the above terms and conditions which remain valid for any current or future courses attended by registered dogs & the handler who attends the course with them.

Private Training

  • Please give 24 hours’ notice to cancel appointments, payment is non-refundable.

  • All outdoor appointments will go ahead as planned, unless in severe wet weather/heat. There will be no cost for re-scheduling in this event.

  • Training packages must be completed within the timescale stated i.e., 6 weeks.  Sessions cannot be carried over onto future dates.

  • All training must be paid for in full before your first session by bank transfer in advance.

  • Zoom appointments must be paid for by bank transfer in advance. Invites will be emailed upon receipt of payment.

Privacy Policy

RAD K9 School Dog Training is committed to protecting your privacy.

We do not share your information with any third parties, and we only use the information we collect from you lawfully, in line with GDPR regulations.

Any information we collect from you, such as name, address, email address, contact numbers, date of birth and your dog’s details are recorded so that we may process your booking and inform you of relevant services in the future.

Booking with us constitutes acceptance of all our terms and conditions.