Assistance & Companion Dogs 

RAD is a charity registered in England and Wales (no: 1125395) that supports people living with mental health conditions by training their dog to be an Assistance Dog.


Assistance Dogs

AD`s are dogs that have been trained to firstly, be well behaved, and secondly to recognise certain behaviours in their humans and respond to assist them.


An example would be anxiety. If a person is prone to anxiety attacks then their AD would sense that condition starting to happen by noticing their owners breathing and change of behaviour and would touch their owner constantly on their hand or leg to distract them and ground them, or if a panic attack were to happen the AD would sit/lie on the chest of their owner and create deep pressure therapy to steady their owners breathing. How amazing is that!


RAD members' Assistance Dogs range of support starts at small actions to big actions, like saving lives, as they are specially trained in responding to the circumstances and situation of their owner.


The RAD AD`s are an essential travel companion for RAD members to help them live & enjoy their everyday lives safely.

Companion Dogs

Companion dogs  are well-behaved and well-trained dogs that can help build your confidence and improve your wellbeing by giving you a reason to get out more.


You'll enjoy the health benefits of a more active lifestyle as well as the unconditional love of one of these wonderful dogs. 


Dog Training Places Available


We have training places available for the following classes:


Puppy training starting Thursday 29th July at 5:30pm. There are seven sessions, the course runs every Thursday from 29th July to 9th September. To book your place please email rad.operationsmanager@gmail.com.


Basic obedience start Friday 30th July at 6:30pm. There are eleven sessions, the course runs every Friday from 30th July to 15th October. To book your place please email rad.operationsmanager@gmail.com.

Member with thier fur baby just after passing thier public access assessment