Assistance & Companion Dogs 

Assistance Dogs are trained to support people with disabilities and mental health conditions giving them more independence, confidence and a best friend.

Assistance Dogs

An assistance dog is a dog that has been trained to perform a specific set of tasks and focus on a single person. 

Assistance dogs carry out a variety of practical tasks for you as well as supporting your independence and confidence. 

Companion Dogs

Companion dogs  are well-behaved and well-trained dogs that can help build your confidence and improve your wellbeing by giving you a reason to get out more.


You'll enjoy the health benefits of a more active lifestyle as well as the unconditional love of one of these wonderful dogs. 

The next RAD Level 1 Assistance/Companion Dog Course starts soon!

The RAD training course sets your fur baby on its paws to supporting you if you are suffering with mental health conditions.

The course will be a blended mix of face-to-face and Zoom training sessions, allowing us to make the best use of your time.

The course will be held on Saturdays starting at 1:30pm. Face-to-face sessions will be in Leicester. Don't worry, if you are not local to Leicester all face-to-face sessions are also accessible by Zoom.

It would be great, even if you are out of the area, to personally attend the induction so we at Recovery Assistance Dogs can make sure the training is suitable for you and your fur baby. 

The training session dates are:

Induction         Sat 19th June

Session 1         Sat 26th June

Session 2         Sat  3rd  July

Session 3         Sat 10th July

Session 4         Sat 17th July

Session 5         Sat 24th July

Session 6         Sat 31st July

Session 7         Sat  7th  August

Session 8         Sat 14th August

Session 9         Sat 21st August

Session 10       Sat 28th August

Session 11       Sat  4th September

Session 12       Assessment day!

Member with thier fur baby just after passing thier public access assessment