December 27, 2014

Today is the day after Boxing Day. We have had the best Christmas ever! Not even a naughty little 2-year-old teenager Golden Retriever called Amber could spoil it. It was best because Joe, Mum’s son, came to stay. Now it is always the most fun when Joe comes for so many reasons. We go on long walks, Mum never stops laughing and being happy, we get special treats like chicken or nut roast and he is so cuddly. But back to Amber – she arrived when Mum got back from her Holy Land Holiday. She is staying with us to see if she could be a RECOVERY Assistance Dog. I could tell straight away that she does not fulfil the criteria. She is just too bouncy. As Mum says now: “You cannot train a character”

2 December 2014

I did want to write this in November but my Mum (I have decided to call her this rather than Mistress – as this is too formal) was too busy to put fingers to computer. So we are writing it now just before she goes on holiday to the Holy Land. I know she is going as she keeps praying that I won’t miss her and that I will remember that she is coming back. Of course Mimi and I will miss her and I hope that she will miss me. That is what love is about. We dogs understand love better than anyone. Look how faithful, silent, obedient and just loving we are. Anyway to update you we have been busy as RECOVERY Assistant Dogs as usual. Oh and good news as a birthday present for my Mum I passed the Bron

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