15 July 2016

Hi so good to catch up with you again. I am sitting at my Mistress’ feet dictating this letter for you. We are staying at the moment in a lovely Holiday Cottage in Rutland. I love it and feel so excited that I whimper every time we drive up the hill to the cottage. It is because I love the sheep, cows, chickens and dogs at the farm where we are staying. I am 7 years old and I have never whimpered in my life before. This is a joyful whimper that tells my Mistress that I am excited and happy about being a country dog for a while. It is not all fun and joy though. Mimi (retired Assistance Dog) and I experienced a small house fire recently in the house where we live in Leicester. It was very fri

10 July 2016

I am a golden cocker spaniel and like any carrot top I can be quite excitable. My Mum calls it 'vocal.' However at Noddfa (where Mum and I attended the Catholic Womens’ Ordination Retreat) it is such a calm and peaceful place that I managed to keep my cool very nicely. You must come sometime, as it is magical. It is not just that the forest is full of enormously tall, green trees. Or that you can hear the sound of the sea mingled with cars. It is not because little animals scurry seductively around while I sniff the flowers and bushes. It is not because of the food but it is the feeling of love. That is what I appreciate most at Noddfa. It is that feeling that although I have only been once

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