26 July, 2019

Dear Kind Sponsor, Hi hope it’s warm enough for you! I love the warm weather especially with my Cooling coat on. Here is a picture of me looking like ‘SuperDog’ wearing it and feeling really cool. Also I love swimming and when we went to DogFest, Bristol in June I had a go in the Doggy Swimming Pool and got this lovely pic. Mum and I have lots of fun working at RECOVERY Assistance Dogs. As you know we regularly go Fundraising and at DogFest, Knebworth they treated me like a Superstar as you can see. I love all the attention. I am looking forward to going on holiday with Mum to Portugal in October as long as it’s simple to get the flights organised. I will sit with her in the cabin on a free

Hi you can now book coming to STRAD Sessions Online.

These are the Sessions' Levels so make sure that you are attending the right level for you & your dog: 12.07.19 Bronze Award Practice 19.07.19 Bronze/Silver Award Practice 26.07.19 Bronze Award Assessment 02.08.19 No STRAD 09.08.19 No STRAD 16.08.19 Silver Award Practice 23.08.19 Silver Award Assessment 30.08.19 Gold Award Practice 06.09.19 Gold Award Practice 13.09.19 Gold Award Practice 20.09.19 Gold Award Assessment 27.09.19 PAWT Practice 04.10.19 PAWT Practice 11.10.19 PAWT Assessment 18.10.19 Level 2 Practice - Skilled Assistance 25.10.19 Level 2 Practice - Skilled Assistance Look forward to seeing you soon. Meanwhile Enjoy! your dog and keep cool.

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