This year, RECOVERY Assistance Dogs has been chosen to benefit from the Co-op Local Community Fund.

Since 28 October 2018, Co-op Members have chosen to support RECOVERY Assistance Dogs with their 1% and have raised £1,200 for our cause. RAD has received the first payment of over £400 from the Co-op Local Community Fund. The last payment was on November 15, 2019.

This year in 2020 we are due to raise over £1,611 & with your help we can raise even more. If you can sign up as a Co-Op Member and shop at your local Co-Op Store before October 24, 2020 then you will be helping local people to survive and recover from Mental Health problems. 

To help us raise vital funds, we’ll be relying on Co-op shoppers. Every time they buy Co-op own-brand products they get a 5% reward for themselves, and a further 1% goes to local causes like ours. Co-op members can decide what local group they would like to back by going online We really hope that people will visit the website and choose to support us.

At a time when funds for charitable organisations are becoming more difficult to access, we’re incredibly grateful for this opportunity to make a real difference throughout the UK to help people recover from Mental Health problems with the support of a trained Assistance Dog.

We are raising funds to train RECOVERY Assistance Dogs to help people with challenging Mental Health symptoms to recover.

About the Project

The Community will be inspired to respect the ability of Survivors to recover from Mental Health problems, stop attempting suicide & self-harming. This will encourage the Mental Health Survivors to engage with their Community & the dog will give the independence to do so by helping: To get out of the house, To feel safe and stable, To be free from force and fear, Social inclusion, Stop anxiety and panic attacks.

About the Charity

The charity was started in July 2004 by Survivors of Mental Health problems. It was started to stop the trauma, force and fear of people with Mental Health problems being made to take drugs or go to hospital against their will. Every Saturday we campaign for basic human rights of choice and control within Mental Health treatment. In 2011 we started the RECOVERY Assistance Dogs programme. It's a miraculous, avant-garde improvement in Survivors’ lives as we train their dogs to help them recover from severe and common Mental Health problems. RAD with the Co-Op Community Funding:

* Found a top Dog Trainer to train their dog in 16 Obedience Steps (ie Looselead Walking).

* Assess the dog with a PAW (Public Access Wellbeing) Test.

* Provide 121 Training in ‘Skilled Assistance’ - three tasks to help with symptoms.

* Now we need to raise money to buy a cabin on the new ACAC (Aylestone Canine Agility Course) that we are working in partnership with Leicester City Council to build in 2020:



If you’re not a member and would like to support us, you can join at your local store or online at

When a community comes together we’re able to achieve great things, so we hope you can help promote our project. For more information about us, please visit:

Yours sincerely,

Ms Liz Maitland
Executive Director
RECOVERY Assistance Dogs for Mental Health
0793 243 3148
0116 283 3363

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