Dogs Improve Wellbeing Crowdfunding

RAD raised over £10,000 Funds through Crowdfunding to build a Canine Agility Gym beside Aylestone Leisure Centre, off Saffron Lane, Leicester, LE2 6LU. Please have a look at the Project (Link Below) and thank you to all those who helped to fund this Project. Please see below the 'CROWDFUNDING PLEDGES' that we will provide for your Pledge. Please come to the Open Day Launch Event that we are planning when the Aylestone Canine Agility Course (ACAC) has been built in September, 2020.


- PLEDGE £5 or more - WE NEED 50 backers. Your pledge has helped us to get nearer to waking up to our dream of building a Canine Agility Course at Aylestone Leisure Centre, Leicester. Thanks so much you are a star.

- PLEDGE £10 or more - WE NEED 30 backers. You will receive a signed Certificate and photo of a really adorable RECOVERY Assistance Dog puppy.

- PLEDGE £15 or more – WE NEED 30 backers. As a thank you for supporting our project we will send you a DVD of the Docudrama “I Am A Survivor Get Me Out Of Here.”

- PLEDGE £25 or more – WE NEED 25 backers. Visit us in Leicester for a training session of the RECOVERY Assistance Dogs. You will meet the survivors and hear their incredible stories. You will be able to bring your dog too.

- PLEDGE £30 or more – WE NEED 50 backers. To thank you for your fabulous generosity we will write your name or your company’s name on a special place on a Poster beside the Aylestone Agility Course, alongside photos of the RECOVERY Assistance Dogs.

- PLEDGE £75 or more – WE NEED 10 backers. We will put an advert for your business in RECOVERY’s quarterly Heads Up Magazine Spring Edition.

- PLEDGE £150 or more – WE NEED 7 backers. For this pledge you can join the STRAD Course to improve your dog’s behaviour or learn to do Agility for 7 sessions (Group or 1to1 Sessions).

- PLEDGE £175 or more – WE NEED 5 backers. To show our gratitude we will teach you or your organisation step-by-step how to fundraise.

- PLEDGE £200 or more – WE NEED 2 backers. For a real treat for your Company, Organisation or Party we will organise a Race Night or Quiz at your local pub.

PLEASE Email us on about your pledge.  MAKE YOUR PLEDGE ON THE LINK BELOW:!/DonationDetails

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