Milli is a RECOVERY Assistance Dog for Mental Health. She takes her work very seriously & doesn't like to be interrupted so if you meet her in the street do not be surprised if she completely ignores you she prefers to keep her eye & her paw on her Owner. That's what she's been trained to do. She does love her work as an Assistance Dog. She would like to tell you all about what she's been up to and her latest training:


"You’ll never believe it but I flew to Greece in May with my Mum and her childhood friend Sandra. It was incredible as Jet2 were so kind and we all felt we were VIPs as we were marched past all the queues. Mum was a bit concerned about me doing the wees & poos before we went on the 3½ hour flight to Thessaloniki but they were all clued up they called it ‘going for fresh air’! So just before the flight the Security Manager whisked us off in a bus to find some grass. We dashed across the runway avoiding planes taking off. It was all alright and I didn’t have to cross my legs too much. As you can see I had my own free seat but I couldn’t sit on it! I loved the flying as Mum fed me treats (with cammomile in for calmness) on the way up and on the way down.


We were staying right on the Potamus Beach in a lovely Hotel/Campsite called Akti Retzika. We met some lovely semi-stray dogs called Flash and Ticketyboo. We called her Ticketyboo as we took atleast 4 ticks off her with the help of Olive Oil. When we arrived we met a lovely Vet called Demetrius who gave me my Flatworm treatment for the return journey. He taught us how to do this. We all loved these two dogs as right from the beginning they adopted us & followed us everywhere making sure that all the other stray dogs kept their distance. They were just puppies so I had to make it clear what the boundaries were as they just wanted to play. But sometimes we swam and other times we walked or sunbathed. Really I have never had so much fun in my life. Just a bonus for being a RECOVERY Assistance Dog!

Here’s a picture of me sunbathing. I soon learned what ‘shade’ was, it took about 2 weeks of practice really. Mum would say ‘shade’ and I would find the nearest dark spot out of the sun. I am such a beautiful golden colour that I don’t need to lie in the sun anyway really."


Also Milli's friend and colleague Zack flew with Jet2 to Benidorm & his Owner. Zack found a firm friend with the Captain of the plane. 

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