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NHS England has announced a new Mental Health Taskforce that will develop a five year national strategy for mental health, covering all ages. The strategy will be published in the summer, and will be aligned with NHS England's Five Year Forward View for the whole NHS. It is crucial that a wide range of lived experience and professional expertise informs the strategy, and we'd like your help.


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Most of all we need a change in the law. We have had a change of attitude towards Mental Health and this is reflected in the way that people have less fear and are willing to talk about it more. However people are still being locked up when they would be better having support in the Community. Suicides are worse than ever especially on the Wards at Bradgate Unit, Leicester. This is because people cannot live without choice and control in their life and they do not know why they have been sectioned. Atleast a Tribunal or Court Case would help them understand the causes and make them feel safer. Many MPs agree the law needs to change to protect and safeguard Survivors of Mental Health. No one should be locked up against their will on a Psychiatric Ward unless they have been a danger to themselves or others. A proper Judge and Jury would decide fairly about this. The Health Professionals are too blinded by the illness with little concern for the history or truth of the situation of the individual. Too often people are locked up without having been dangerous and without feeling ill. This makes the situation worse for everyone.