Joining RAD and paperwork

RECOVERY Assistance Dogs help people to recover their wellbeing. They are registered Assistance Dogs and have an intensive training that helps to protect their owner from:
* Anxiety * Loneliness * Panic Attacks

The RECOVERY dogs help with:
* Social Inclusion * Exercise * Protection


Below are the important documents in the application process.

The New RAD PAW Level 1 Test for Clients previously 16 step training plan details all the different steps of training the dog will need to complete to become a registered RECOVERY Dog.

The reference letter needs to be filled out by the owner of the prospective RECOVERY dog to give us all the necessary application details. You will also need a reference to support you in your application.
RECOVERY DOGS Levels Assessment will give you are examination criteria to progress on the course.

Please contact us by email on if you're interested in the RECOVERY dogs project.
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