Positive Feedback About RAD from Clients, Staff, Stakeholders & the Public

I just thought I'd mesaage you to say a big thank you for all of the rewarding training sessions and support you have given me and rolo. I must say that they have really benefited us and it has really helped me to move forward and have hope. I haven't self harmed for months now, when in actual fact it was a daily disabling struggle. My confidence and self esteem has increased and I haven't attempted to take my life for a long time now and so I really must thank everyone at RAD for helping me so much. You have given me hope and happiness where there once was none and with Rolo by my side I feel I can accomplish anything. I'm due to see my new flat this Thursday and hopefully I will come off my section 3 and move out of hospital into a supported living placement by May...we can't wait. Looking forward to seeing everyone for training on friday, Kay & Rolo, 11, February, 2020.

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