14 May, 2020

Dear Kind Sponsor,

Fifi here, thank you very much for sponsoring me. I hope all is well and you have been keeping safe in these unusual times. I know I have! My human has been teaching me to ‘stay close.’ When he gives the command, I know that I’ve got to come up to him and not go too far away. I have to keep my attention on my human and ignore all the other people and dogs. It really helps us keep away from others and maintain the two-meter rule.

It’s been odd not being able to go to the RAD shop and see my friend Milli. I also miss my friends from training but i’m sure it won’t be long before I get to play with them again. I did see some of them online the other day though. We did some training other the Internet where I was able to show off some of the new commands I’ve learnt. They where very impressed when I barked on command.

I’ve been helping my Human get out of the house by giving him an excuse to go to the

park (as long as we stay far enough away from people.) When i’m at the park, I like to

run around off my lead and chase my ball. When I’ve got the ball I have to run back to

my human, drop the ball and ask for him to throw it by lying down. Sometimes I get a little too excited on the way to the park so my human is teaching me to walk calmly on the way there. We don’t go in until I can walk on a nice loose lead. I’m very good at it on the way back once all the excitement is gone though! We also do some training in the park for my Bronze Good Citizen Award. We do what’s called ‘rejoin handler’ where I have to stay in one place and my human walks 10 paces back. He will then call me and I have to go straight to him. I’m really good at that one!

My human doesn’t get to see many of his friends at the moment so I know he’s counting on me to keep him company. I go up too him when he’s on the sofa and just flop onto his lap so he knows i’m there for him. I give him many licks and we play together. We are both very grateful for each other’s company.

Lotsa love and licks,


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