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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Hi I am a Cocker Spaniel. A golden one that looks very similar and just as beautiful as Lady in “Lady and the Tramp”. My main work is as a RECOVERY Assistance Dog looking after my beloved mistress Liz. We work together at RECOVERY Studio in Leicester. Whenever I have my orange Vis Jacket with “RECOVERY Assistance Dog for Wellbeing” written on I am really well behaved. Actually I am so well trained that I am always on my best behaviour and pure joy for my Mistress. Today I went to church with my co-worker Mimi and we did not move for one hour even when my Mistress went up for Holy Communion we stayed lying on the floor by the pew. I do quite enjoy church, as we have to go most days. It helps me to be holy and full of oneness and love. This is all in a doggy way of course!

I have been feeling really tired and a little stressed today. This was not because of the Fundraising that we did yesterday in Brent Cross because we do that most Saturdays. Although that is quite challenging it didn’t cause me much agro because I am so used to it. We talked to about 200 people and one person did stroke me without letting me smell my hand first. So I had to teach her a lesson as I am a bit of a teacher. I took hold of my hand in my mouth. I knew that she would like it but it was just to warn her that I prefer to smell her hand. My mistress was a bit concerned but I knew that she had a dog at home and that is what her dog does to her. Mistress explained that it was a love bite and she reassured her that her dog was a terrier and did that. She needn’t have worried I knew. Of course being a dog we know and understand many more things than humans do. But more about that later.

Anyway to get to the point why I feel stressed was because after getting back from London last night we went to a BBQ. We never do that and it was all a bit strange for Mimi and I. We had to sit in the garden with some guy doing the BBQ. After that we find a way out the garden through an open gate. Now that was fun as we went and played in the park opposite the house. Some children wanted to play with us but I know better that to have anything to do with them as they fall on top of you and put fingers in your eyes. Bless them they do not know any better. Anyway I said to Mimi that we must get back as we wouldn’t want Mistress to worry. So we went and sat on the doorstep of the house. Lo and behold the children had gone in to tell her that we had ‘escaped’. She was delighted to see us and explained to everyone what good dogs we are. We are of course the best dogs ever. All dogs are pretty good but because of our training we are really fabulous and have helped Mistress to keep well from her Mental Health problems for over 5 years now.

Anyway it was a bit traumatising, as we had to be tied to the radiator and sit still. We needed to be off checking for wild animals, demons, and naughty people. You may not know what we do but we protect Mistress so she feels safe and no fear or anxiety. She seemed to be coping so I was not too worried but I did want her to know that I could help if she needed me so whining helped her to understand this.

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