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Sunday 14 September 2014

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I had decided to write this blog once a week. Fat chance my Mistress is far too busy. So I will have to use my memory to tell you about all the most exciting things taking place in my life. I must tell you about the Sponsored RECOVERY Assistance Dog Walk that we had on September 6. It was fun planning it as Mimi, my Mistress and I went to the Abbey Park in Leicester to talk to the Park Rangers. I liked them he was called Mark. In fact they were both called Mark. You may think dogs don’t notice these things but we do. We are not all just about smells you know. Every person I have ever met I remember. Mistress has trained me so that I do not go up to someone I don’t know. This is because they may not want to talk to me. Well I definitely don’t want to talk to them unless I am allowed to. I love my Mistress so much all I want to do is to please her. I just live for those words “Good girl” or “Who\s a beautiful lady?” or “shall we go walkywindiles then?” Then those gorgeous cuddly moments when my Mistress cuddles me. She rolls me over and tickles me and makes me laugh inside. She laughs out loud and I gurgle inside. It sounds like growing but she knows that I am showing my pleasure and is not scared.

Anyway today is a special day for Catholics to do with the blood of Christ and the Cross. We went to the 11am service. We go to Mass most days. We don’t mind. I love to hear my Mistress singing she has a voice like a bird. We sit next to her chair and sometimes get into quite a tangle with the leads but she will notice soon and sort us out. I hope. Anyway we just put up with it because of the love. During the bit where they all disappear we sit quietly in the pew. We have been trained to do this. At the beginning I am sure the angels helped us to stay in our places but now we know what to do they just watch over us. The angels always help us in our training. Just recently my Mistress has taught us to bark on cue. This is because she needs to be protected. She has had a difficult life as humans do tend to. She needs special protection from ‘Men’. I have noticed this as they have such gruff voices that they can be scary even to us. We dogs know when to bark of course. Every time the lodger comes in, even though we love and trust him, we bark just to remind him to be nice to Mistress. She makes an attempt to stop us and we do eventually. However there are times when she would like us to bark for protection or to get someone’s attention and we haven’t noticed the need. Then Mistress will say “talk Milli” and make an upside down spider effect with her hand and after a few moments we will bark. Originally it was just me that learned to bark first. It took about 6 months to teach me. I was not going to catch on with just praise. I am not that silly. I knew that this skill would need treats. Mistress also used a clicker. This is an exciting device that reminds me to focus as treats are on their way. Well it was after we met up with Gan-Gan’s old carer who gave Mistress some special treats that tasted of bacon that I cottoned on. I will do anything for those bacon treats. Nowadays Mistress just says “talk Milli” and does the hand signal and I will bark. Eventually I suppose that we won’t need the treats anymore. But don’t worry there will be some other training that we will do that will need treats. I am a great learner. Mimi is a lot slower this could be because she is 12 years old or it could be because she has Special Needs. Anyway I do help with this as I learn first and Mimi copies. Genius eh?

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