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December 27, 2014

Today is the day after Boxing Day. We have had the best Christmas ever! Not even a naughty little 2-year-old teenager Golden Retriever called Amber could spoil it. It was best because Joe, Mum’s son, came to stay. Now it is always the most fun when Joe comes for so many reasons. We go on long walks, Mum never stops laughing and being happy, we get special treats like chicken or nut roast and he is so cuddly. But back to Amber – she arrived when Mum got back from her Holy Land Holiday. She is staying with us to see if she could be a RECOVERY Assistance Dog. I could tell straight away that she does not fulfil the criteria. She is just too bouncy. As Mum says now: “You cannot train a character”. Although with the right training she will make a lovely pet that doesn’t barge everyone, through doors, into cars and everywhere. Even now Mum’s has trained her not to gulp her food like a stray’s last meal. She is trained to sit and stay until Mum says ‘fetch’ then she can go to her food. I can do that and I don’t eat until told either. Mum has bought her a ‘halti’ training halter to stop her pulling. She has stopped heading off when we go for walks in big parks. Mum always brings treats and we all get one before Amber is let off her leash. Then Mum blows the whistle and shakes the treats bag so that Amber keeps coming back. Miracles really all round. Actually I quite like Amber now and feel sorry for her as she must have had a challenging life before she met us.

Tomorrow we have someone coming to meet her to see if they want her for their family. We shall miss her but perhaps it is best as she just is not peaceful and gentle enough to be an Assistance Dog like Mimi and I. Bless her I hope she has a great success in her new life living with children.

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