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18 January 2015

18 January 2015 So we are staying for the weekend at Mount Saint Bernard Abbey. Mum is a Roman Catholic. This means most days we go to church for the Mass. Mimi and I love going as we love everyone we meet at the Mass. Everyone praises us for being such “good dogs” and sitting in the pew while Mum goes up for the bread and wine. We have had a lovely weekend going for walks in the woodlands around the monastery. Poor Mum has had to put up with another ‘monster dog’ to train! But this one is easier than the last. She is called Lola and is a Yorkie, quite thin and a very fast runner. I liked her from the outset as she let me eat her food. This was until Mum noticed. She will make it as a RECOVERY Assistance Dog as she is obedient, loving and wants to help. Lola came as a yappy, moaning, bouncy rat like being. Now she is calmer rarely barks and fun to be with. We race around together through the woods and she comes back to Mum when called. I have helped by setting a good example. I round her up when Mum calls. I make sure that she doesn’t bark or yap by growling a reminder. She goes straight to her bed when asked now. Mum is looking for a new home for Lola with a Survivor. Us dogs do a great work helping Survivors with Mental Health problems to feel loved and have a purpose in life. By helping them to be free from fear and anxiety we keep them out of hospital. We love them with unconditional love, never argue, protect them with our lives and do anything to please them and make them happy. It seems to work. We get a warm bed, lots of loving cuddles, food, walks and full time companionship. Everyone wins. If you know anyone who wants a RECOVERY Assistance Dog let Mum and I know as Lola could be for you. We have a few people interested but it has to be the best home for her and the best dog for you. Contact Mum on 07581282899. She would love to help you and Lola to find the perfect partnership.

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