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12 April 2015

Hi we have just had Easter. This is that funny time when we spend more time in Church than usual during Holy week. The Mass during this time takes 2 hours rather than 1 hour so it is double for our trouble. I love hearing my Mistress sing and gaze at her lovingly. When we share the peace she shakes my paw that I lift for her when she taps my leg, and says “Peace be with you!” I am sure this means that Jesus heals us and protects us. I know Jesus is the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world and gives us mercy and peace. You can understand why Jesus is called a lamb. Yesterday we were walking through a field of lambs and their Mother sheep. We were on the lead to be on the safe side. I was a bit scared of the big Mummy sheep, as they did look quite fierce and twice my size. My Mum really impressed me as this Mother sheep looked like she was going to charge at us. I wanted to walk away and for a minute we seemed about to do that. Then my Mum made a loud ‘boooooo’ noise and strode our fearsomely towards the offending sheep. I was just so proud of her. She can be so brave and appears to know what to do. Of course the sheep turned tail and headed down the hill with little lambs bounding along on tow. So Jesus is like a lamb not sheep. Lambs indicate to us that the suffering, darkness and cold of winter is over and spring is with us. Makes sense to me really. Mum found Easter quite challenging this year. It can be a time when people, especially if they have been estranged from family due to Mental Health, can feel quite lonely. Mum’s best friend let her down and due to other commitments refused to have lunch with her. We went to see him instead. I wasn’t sure if they were arguing or rehearsing a play. Anyway there seemed to be a lot of talking. I know I helped by standing between them and gazing adoringly at them. Praying for them to love eachother and to be quiet. I feel safer when humans are quiet in eachother’s company then I know they are getting on. At this time I do behave like a little lamb and it does seem to work. Mum always keeps her voice measured and loving when I am around, as she would not want to shock or frighten me. Anyway that evening I noticed that she was crying. Immediately I know that she must be comforted. With one bound I was on her lap licking her face and making comforting noises that sound a bit like a wild boar snuffling for truffles. It always works and within seconds all tears are gone, she begins to smile and laugh. Again I am the lamb that brings the joy of spring. I have had my spring clipping. Mum did it with some clippers. I look lovely and much thinner without all that long fur. I much prefer that Mum does it and when I stand nicely she calls me her ‘good horsey’. I am a ‘good horsey’ when I don’t pull on the lead and stay close on walks. Of course I am much more easily trained than a horse and get all the perks of sleeping on Mum’s bed and being with her all the time. So looking so lovely we had to go to ‘Bark in the Park’ when we get photographed professionally and could win a prize of £250 and a framed photo. All the pictures go into the Leicester Mercury and I am sure they will pick me as Mum always says that I am the most beautiful doggy in the world.

Last week on April 1 we had the ‘Mental Health Unwrapped Crowdfunding Event’ and this was the launch to raise money for the Camper Van. It was hilarious as we had 4 comedians in to crack jokes about Mental Health and dogs. Although I don’t laugh out loud I do find things funny and then I jump up and down to show my enjoyment. Did you know that one of dogs’ favourite things about humans is their laughter? My best night out would be with Mum laughing with a whole group of people. Clapping is fun too but I always prefer laughing. This is the human way of expressing enjoyment like we wag our tails. So it was a good night and everyone found out about the Crowdfunding Pledges and I hope you will too at: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/mental-health-unwrapped If you pledge some money you could: • Get a signed photo of a RECOVERY Assistance Dog puppy. • Get your name on the side of the Camper Van. • Get an advert in our Magazine. • Come and meet us dogs at STRAD Training (Survivors Training RECOVERY Assistance Dogs) • Have your own dog trained in 7 sessions. • Learn to fundraise. • Invite us dogs to do Heelwork to Music at your event or party. • Take our Camper van on a week’s holiday that you have helped us buy. Look forward to meeting you!

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