May 6, 2015

Mimi and I, Milli, do love each other really!

May 6, 2015

We have just been so busy. Everyday I have reminded Mum to write to you to tell you how we are making progress. Yes she does listen but does she do what I am asking? It is a bit like those politicians we have all been talking to. They listen but will they do what we ask? Yes of course they will and we will live in hope as usual.

Anyway finally here we are writing to you. We have had fun these last few weeks taking ‘playing with toys, beep-bo and catch’ to new heights. We all know as dogs that playing can help us with obedience, chilling out and improving relationships with loved ones. You humans could learn something from this. You should play more with us. It can help you to loosen up and enjoy your life more. I learned to do catch with treats. Someone once just threw me a chip and it went on from that. I will now catch anything from small biscuits to small toys shaped like shoes, bones, kegs or rugby balls. They have to be small enough to catch in my mouth of course. Mum has to shout ‘catch’ just before she throws it. Then I open my mouth and jump in the right direction. Easy-peasy! Just can’t understand why Mimi does not get it. She forgets to open her mouth and uses her paws. She has not caught it with her paws as yet. Honestly I give up. What is she like? Use your mouth I tell her. She will pick it up eventually. You wait and see. She usually takes about 3-6 months to learn things after I have them down to a fine art. Bless her. Do love her so. Don’t we Mum? I love learning and even for a Cocker Spaniel I am quite bright. Mimi’s forte is compassion.

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