15 July 2016

Hi so good to catch up with you again. I am sitting at my Mistress’ feet dictating this letter for you. We are staying at the moment in a lovely Holiday Cottage in Rutland. I love it and feel so excited that I whimper every time we drive up the hill to the cottage. It is because I love the sheep, cows, chickens and dogs at the farm where we are staying. I am 7 years old and I have never whimpered in my life before. This is a joyful whimper that tells my Mistress that I am excited and happy about being a country dog for a while.

It is not all fun and joy though. Mimi (retired Assistance Dog) and I experienced a small house fire recently in the house where we live in Leicester. It was very frightening as a small fire started in the sitting room while my Mistress was out in the garden. We lay very flat on the floor. When my Mistress came back in the room a few minutes later it was filled with black smoke. She screamed and rushed us out the back door. The fire engines arrived 8 minutes later! After about 45 minutes we accompanied Mistress back in the house. It smelt horrible and toxic. We really didn’t want to live here anymore. I knew my work would be cut out with consoling Mistress. I went to work immediately by showing how much I loved her. By touching her with my nose and my paw every time she cried. The good thing was we left the city for the countryside for 3 months. We should be moving back in the middle of June.

Mistress says I have been really useful, as she would never have put up with all these Builder and Decorator men in the house without me to protect her. When they get too close I stand in between them and my Mistress. This helps her to feel safe and I am sure they are better behaved with me to answer to. Everyone keeps calm and talks quietly and that is how I like it. If they start to argue I have been taught to bark on cue. If I don’t notice, then Mistress has a hand signal that reminds me to bark. That sorts them out.

Despite all this we have had time for some enjoyment. We went to the theatre in London and saw a play about a dog that had been killed. I know that Mistress was concerned that it might upset me but it was fine. I don’t listen to what is being said, as I am too busy feeling the vibes. They were all fine too. At the end was going to be this enormous noise. I was grateful that Mistress decided we should leave before this. I was well behaved but I did make a loud noise myself when someone nearly trod on me. It worked and they missed me. You have to be careful with all these crowds. I do love people, but I know that without me to keep Mistress’ space for her she would be feeling anxious.

I have sent you a picture of Mimi and I at Sutton on Sea. This is where we are going Fundraising the weekend after next at the Beach Hut Festival. I love Fundraising, as it is a chance to spread the word about the wonderful work us RAD Dogs do as a mission for our owners’ wellbeing. Catch up again soon. Enjoy! Lotsa love,


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