13 January 2016

I am sorry that we have not written this blog for more than a year. No excuse we have just not got round to it. I would like to tell you about the charity RECOVERY Assistance Dogs that I work for.

My Mum is founder Member of RECOVERY and the charity was set up in 2004 to campaign for freedom from force and fear so that Survivors would not be forced into hospital or on drugs against their will. In July 2011 Mimi and I launched the RECOVERY Assistance Dogs Project at the 'Love Pets Show' in Peterborough. We were amazed at success and enthusiasm from members of the public and Survivors of Mental Health problems.

I would like to tell you something about my life as Milli the RECOVERY Assistance Dog. My Mum had Mental Health problems with a severe diagnosis that meant that she was in and out of Psychiatric wards for 23 years and committed suicide as many times as she was locked up. This was before I met her of course. Since she met me, I am 7 years old on March 17, 2016, she has not even felt suicidal. She has been completely healed, discharged from the Psychiatric System and the doctors have taken her off all drugs. I have been brilliant for social inclusion, anxiety, panic attacks, fear of men and companionship.

I have had a RAD Jacket now for 5 years and it has changed my life. I have been taught to bark on cue. So if someone upsets me or Mum she can do a little hand signal and I will, in my charming way, make sure that they do not bother us. It is also useful for attracting someone's attention or getting out of a boring or challenging situation.

I have helped her with panic attacks. She used to have these at night and is now completely healed. I know when she is going to have one. Then I crawl up the bed or onto her lap, nudge her and lick her face until she feels better. Before I arrived Mum could not live on her own because she was so fearful of an attack from men. Now she can live for long periods with just us dogs to feel safe. She says that I am better than any husband! I know I can warn her by barking if there is a problem so if I am quiet then she can feel sure that everything is ok.

Most people and dogs nowadays appreciate that having a Mental Health problem is a living hell and so awful that only ending your life is the option. It is far worse than a physical illness. So having me to help is such a treat. It makes life so worthwhile that I can take her everywhere with me. Everyone agrees about how beautiful we are together and the atmosphere that we create just by our peaceful presence is a joy. Dogs are very like God in that we have unconditional love, are loyal, are still in our owners’ presence, are obedient and want to do their will, never argue, love nature and long walks. I feel honoured to be part of this secret mission that Dogs have to transform our owners’ lives for the better.

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