26 October 2016

Hi, It seems like a long time since I wrote this blog for you. This is because I have been so busy looking after my Mistress. We have been away, quite a bit, in the places I love to go and stay. We go to Mount Saint Bernard Abbey for Mistress to recharge her batteries with prayer and long walks. Mimi and l love going here as we get lots of opportunities for stillness and quiet. This is really good for Mistress and us dogs as, in my view, humans talk far too much and this is not the best thing for their Mental Health. I help by not talking and being quiet and this enables all of our minds to get some well-needed rest.

Getting Mistress out the house for walks is another of my jobs. This is really good for wellbeing. It is being out in nature is what we love. All the smells, sights, colours and sounds help us to feel that life is worth living. I stay close to Mistress while walking as I have learnt to do this since a pup. Sometimes I will run off after a ball that Mistress throws to get some exercise. I am off the lead so I can chase a squirrel if I want but I always return really soon so Mistress does not miss me. Did I tell you that sometimes Mistress is calling me and I am standing so close to her that she does not see me? Then I have learned to nudge her with my nose. We all have a good laugh at this. Mistress calls me her ‘sweet beautiful golden one’.

Mistress has been doing some Top Dog Training and I went with her. It was really stressful the Assessment, but we passed. We have done two previous Training Sessions called ‘2 Day Career as a Dog Trainer’ and a ‘4 Day Practical Instructors Course’. It was all about teaching me to work out what I should be doing and then rewarding me with a treat. I really enjoy staying close, focusing steadfastly, doing the right thing and getting the reward. Anyway the good news is that Mistress now has an OCN Certificate in ‘Dog Training and Behaviour’.

The best thing about Mistress is that she has a great sense of fun. We keep each other laughing and happy. She never feels lonely or left out as she used to do. I can really help her feel loved, engaged and in touch with reality. We are both so grateful to each other and to you too for helping this Charity to be sustainable and help my Mistress to keep well and out of Hospital.

I have enclosed a picture of me in a Coffee Shop. My Mistress is vegan and doesn’t drink coffee, as she does not like the boost that caffeine gives but likes to stay stable. I love going to cafes as I do always get some sort of treat. But it is not just about the food as I am happy to be with Mistress.

When I write next time I will tell you about Mistress’ trip to Malta. She is going with her Son Joe. I am not going as we have decided that she can cope without me. I do hope I will be okay. Some people are staying in my home to look after me. Just hope I am warm enough, get enough food and they let me out regularly. I will tell you all later. Mistress is sure they will look after me properly and we will both have a lovely holiday.

Lotsa love,


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