4 February 2017

Hiya, hope you are well and enjoying the Sunshine. It’s a beautiful day but I am stuck inside as I had a dental procedure yesterday at the Vets and I had one of my back teeth removed. So I had an anaesthetic and have to stay in today. Sleeping all day when we should be out and about is challenging but it will be worth it as no more bad breath.

In my last letter I told you that Mum was going on holiday in Malta without me. So just a short update on this. Well we missed eachother and next time she goes abroad she is definitely taking me. I could have come everywhere she went but she did have a lovely restful break from talking about the Charity and explaining what I do to everyone. Mum is probably going to Greece in the Summer and so she needs to get my Pet Passport together and do all the necessary discussions with the Airline so that I can sit next to her on the flight. This is one of the many benefits of being a RECOVERY Assistance Dog Extraordinaire like I am!

I have learned a few new skills since I last talked to you. I am going to be taking my Silver GCDS Award soon as I have really improved my attitude towards a stranger touching me. I am fabulous when out with Mum now as I did go through a short stage when I would tell people off for touching me (moaning or growling mainly). I mean would you like all and sundry patting and stroking you? Well with the help of a Thunder Jacket (this is a really tight wrap around jacket) and lots of practice, treats and encouragements I now smile sweetly and put up with it silently. Mum is so grateful and so rewarding that I am beginning to enjoy all the attention again like when I was a Puppy. Anyway please pray (if you do pray. If you don’t please just think positively!) that I pass the Award. I can do it all easily.

It’s really exciting as RECOVERY Assistance Dogs has a Stall at Crufts this year. Are you going? Do come and see me if you are as we are at Stall 4-481d and I would love to meet you in person. We will be doing short Workshops to show people how I and the other RAD Dogs help our owners to keep well and recover their Wellbeing. This is by just being really obedient (sitting and staying for long periods without whining or fussing), being protective (barking on cue and blocking when people stand too close), helping with Social Inclusion (everyone wants to find out about me) and helping to keep Mum focused (tapping my paw or nose on her leg regularly). One of the things my Mum loves most about me is when I walk on a loose lead. Naturally I am a bit or a Racehorse so she has to keep reminding me to ‘stay close’ and ‘heal’ this reminds me that it is not a race. It makes us so happy to be out and about together and is so special when I am walking in a competitively obedient way.

Well must go now and get some more shuteye. I have enclosed a picture of me in my Reindeer Jumper that I am still wearing since Christmas that someone drew when we went to Footsteps Art Group in London recently.

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