26 June 2017

Do hope you are okay and are managing to get out and about in the Sunshine. I just love the walks in the parks in Leicester especially with all the smells of mown grass and spring flowers.

We have a new addition to our family. She is a little Cocker Spaniel puppy of 3 months old called Shalom. At the beginning I felt a little put out but then I noticed that she is good fun to play with. We romp around together in the garden at home. She pulls my ears and that makes me growl playfully then we chase it eachother. She is being trained as a RECOVERY Assistance Dog. It means that I get more exercise than usual and she is becoming a good friend. Please see the photo of us both here above.

Mum and I have been doing the APTD (Association of Pet Dog Training) Advanced Instructors Course. We stayed at a College for 4 days and did training in various exercises that included distance control (like retrieving, send away, recall and emergency stopping at a distance). It was such fun being with lots of other dogs and I had an opportunity to show how patient and obedient I can be. I already knew how to stop when running towards Mum but now I can do it with other trainers as well. We will be going again in August and Mum has to write 6 essays too. All this so she can be an APTD Member and have some recognition for her Dog Training Skills. Wahey!

We went on holiday to the beach at Sutton-on-Sea in May and it was a lovely rest for us all. Mum used to find it difficult going on holiday or staying anywhere on her own but since I have been helping she doesn’t feel lonely atall. I am good at Social Inclusion and people stop to talk about me. Also I sleep on her bed and am available for cuddles before and after sleep. Sometimes waking up in the morning can be challenging from a Mental Health point of view. Mum never feels down in the morning now with me to lick and comfort her. In the olden days sometimes Mum would struggle to get up before 2pm and it was a horrible feeling for her. All that is in the past now.

Also I have been working hard with the ‘blocking’ as Mum finds it challenging when people stand too close to her. Often Mum will make a movement with her hand that indicates to me that I should move in between her and the person she is talking to. This can help with transforming negative attitudes and making relationships easier. Quite often now Mum does not have to call me across as I can see that she needs help and come to the rescue without even being asked. I am such a star. The other day in Tescos the Manager was talking to Mum and I knew she could do with some space. Mum was so pleased when she saw that I was standing between him and her without being asked. I got a jackpot treat for that.

Hope you like the picture of me in bed with Mum. I make Mum laugh as if she is on Facebook late at night I will turn to her and sigh until she switches off her phone.

Look forward to writing to you again soon.

Lotsa love,


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