22 January 2018

Hi Dearest Sponsor,

Have been looking forward to writing to you again about all my activities. I had a lovely Christmas and we had extra treats and long walks on our two weeks holiday.

We had such Fun & Games training at STRAD (Survivors Training RECOVERY Assistance Dogs) at the Fun & Games Christmas Training. Here is a picture of the prizes I won for Best in Show. (see the lovely doggy rug!) Well done to my friend Mollie (Heinz 47) who came 2nd & Mazey (8 month old Rottweiler) 3rd. I came 3rd in Best Player (I love catching things in my mouth) but Mollie won this one. I did well in the Fastest recall but do not understand the point of a slow Recall. I won the Fastest Eater as that is my forté. When we got to the ‘Friendliest to owner’ I enjoyed putting my paws around my Mum’s neck and licking her all over. With the ‘Friendliest to Stranger’ competition I was focusing too much on my Mum to win. Fastest sit, lie down & stay – I have had so much practice with this but I don’t always win because I can be distracted. The longest Stay I came third because I will stay until you give me a treat no trouble (usually) but this time Mimi & Mollie won. Oh and didn’t win the ‘Best Trick’ competition even with my ‘barking on cue’ when Mum said ‘speak’ and made a movement like a bouncy spider with her hand as Mazey won it by picking up her Owner’s keys! All good fun!

The other dogs and I loved it & we had fab feedback from Owners.

Have really enjoyed the Fundraising recently at Brent Cross. We met so many people and I was so well behaved that Mum gave me a treat after everyone touched or cuddled me. Mum is so happy that I can multi-task now and can keep focused on her while the wider public prostrate themselves in front of me.

Thanks so much for your kind Sponsorship that pays for my continued training.

Lotsa love,


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