5 September 2018

Hi Dearest Sponsor,

So pleased that you still want to hear about my Mission for Wellbeing and are so kindly sponsoring me. It has been really exciting these last few months as both myself and my Mum have some things to celebrate.

First of all I passed my Gold Good Citizen Award! This was a real achievement and we had been working really hard at this & I passed first time. I had to learn to put up with a full Veterinary Examination by the Examiner and we had been practicing this at the Vets with treats. What I really like is for us all to sit on the floor and do the examinations as I don’t like that high-up bench. Also I had to stop when running towards Mum. We got this down to a fine art. But we must keep practicing this as it’s so useful if traffic is about and I am off the lead. It means that Mum has much more control over me. Also I had to left on my own without whining or fussing for 5 minutes and sit still for 2 minutes (half a minute with Mum being out of the room). All this has been useful in my life as an Assistance Dog and I practice regularly. Please see attached a Picture of me with my Certificate. So I have now graduated and hope you will be able to come to the Annual Gathering & Graduation Ceremony on October 10, 2018 at 5pm – 8pm at the Exchange Bar, 50 Rutland Street, Leicester, LE1 1RD. Please let us know if you can come as I would love to meet you.

Also my Mum was assessed as a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor and she passed so now she can put KCAI after her name. I just feel really humble that I have a Mum that is such a great Dog Trainer as Dog Training is a great Therapy for Mental Health.

We have a new addition to the Pack. She is called Chocci & we all get on really well as she is the best Puppy we have ever trained so far. We are all hoping she can stay as we love her but we have to do whatever is best for the Charity and to help a needy Client. When she’s a year old and is fully trained we may have to let her go to transform someone’s life for the better. The more we love her the easier it will be to let her go without attachment.

Thanks so much again for your kind Sponsorship.

Lotsa love,


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