8 January 2019

Hi Dearest Sponsor,

Thanks so much for being my chosen Sponsor. Have so much to tell you about and all good news of course. We have had a really good rest over Christmas and hope you did too. Before the holidays we were really hectic Fundraising. My mates Mimi (15-year-old retired Assistance Dog, black & white cocker) and Chocci (8 month old Cockerpoo RAD Dog in Training) always come with me. Here is a picture of us Fundraising at Louth, Lincolnshire. We go all over the UK this week we’re in Stoke-On-Trent and next week in Birkenhead, Merseyside. Do come and see us if you’re in the area as the dates are in the Heads Up Magazine attached. I love fundraising as it means I can meet all the Wider Public that are so generous and enthusiastic about dogs helping humans’ Wellbeing.

Chocci tends to copy me as she often mirrors my behaviour. This is a good idea as she trains as a RAD Dog and I am an obedient dog with great Public Access Behaviour and giving sustained improvement to the quality of life of my owner. This is shown in this picture where Chocci is looking in the same direction as me.

Here’s a close up that shows how I feel about Fundraising! It’s tiring but fun and necessary to grow the Charity.

RECOVERY Assistance Dogs are starting a Crowdfunding Project to raise money for a Canine Agility Course that Leicester City Council has donated some land for in Aylestone North Recreational Ground. I am looking forward to this as it will inspire me to greater fitness and motivation. It is being built for the Community to recognise that us dogs give humans so much that we need something to bring us joy & improve our Wellbeing for us dogs too.

We had a great day at the Graduation and AGM in October when 5 other dogs graduated with me. Hope you will be able to come next year.

Thanks so much again for your kind


Lotsa love,


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