23 April 2019

Dear Kind Sponsor,

Thanks so much for continuing to sponsor me in my Mission to keep my Mum’s Wellbeing intact. Am working hard at this as you can imagine as her Wellbeing affects mine & vice-versa. We have had a busy Winter and Spring with lots of Fundraising and fun Events.

We have just had Easter and hope you had a Happy one. We had an amazing Church Service full of smoky Frankincense and it smells absolutely awesome for me. Everyone loves me as am so well-behaved and sit still taking it all in. While Mum goes up for Holy Communion I stay in my seat and everyone’s taken aback at how well trained we can be as RAD Assistance Dogs.

On Mothering Sunday, we went to London to visit Joe, he is my truly adored brother. We had a great time at Lee Valley Agility Course where for 2 hours we did the A Frame, Weave, log walk, jump through the hoop, jumping over the hurdles and best of all the tunnel. It was good exercise and amusing to watch the puppy Chocci enjoying it. RAD is doing some Crowdfunding for an Agility Course in Leicester check this out and please look at the photos/Video:


In February 2019 we moved into the new RAD Shop at 10, Saint Andrews Road, Leicester do come and visit us. It’s much better as we have a Training Room and outdoor space at the back of the shop so we can get out much more and meet our friends for training. Also did you go to CRUFTS? We did to pick up an Award as Mum qualified as a KCAI (Kennel Club Accredited Instructor). I feel like I am famous at Events like this and I just love meeting all the other dogs some of them I know as they are Assistance Dogs like me. So we’ve been having fun and we are starting more Agility Training soon. So watch this space as Chocci is planning to win CRUFTS AGILITY but I am planning my moment of glory too!

Thanks again for being part of my Mission to improve attitudes towards Mental Health.

Lotsa love,

Milli xxxxx

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