12 November, 2019

Dear Kind Sponsor, Thanks so much for your ongoing Sponsorship & kindness in following my journey in helping my Mum keep well emotionally. We have been quite busy since I last wrote.

You’ll be pleased to hear that we got the funding for the Canine Agility Course and it is all going ahead. We just have to choose the obstacles now. Probably we’ll have hoops, a tunnel, some jumps, a weave and an A-Frame. Am looking forward to it as all the dogs in the area will benefit with improving their teamwork relationship with their Owner as well as their Wellbeing.

Really exciting is the Annual Gathering and Graduation that is due this Thursday, 14 November, 2pm-5pm at Quakers Meeting House, 16 Queens Road, Leicester, LE2 1WP. As you remember I graduated last year. We have 6 other dogs ready to graduate this year as they have passed all 3 levels and have their Gold Good Citizen Award. Also we are having a fab speaker/Dog Trainer/Behaviourist called David

Chapman KCAI to talk to us about “A Recipe for an Assistance Dog”. Please do come if you can as we would love to meet you for the Buffet Lunch at 2pm.

Mum did go to Portugal in October but decided that it would do us good for both of us to have a holiday. So I went to stay with a friend that has three dogs, a big house surrounded by lovely fields and walks. I had a lovely rest from the usual routine and was delighted to see Mum back safe and sound after a week. I did miss her a bit but it is good for us to be reminded that we can cope without each other.

We have a new addition to our pack called Fi-Fi (short for Fiat). Her name means ‘yes’ or ‘let it be done’ so this means that she is filled with Divine Instinct. I have not really noticed this as yet but she is young (only 8 weeks) so she will learn. She is a black Cockerpoolab with a Cockerpoo Mum and a Labrador Dad. She is from a litter bred by a Client of RECOVERY Assistance Dogs so we got her cheap. Already she has learned to ‘go to bed’. The best thing is that everytime she learns something she gets a treat and we all get one too. Here she is in a photo. As you can see Mum had to give her a biscuit to help her stop wriggling.

Have a lovely Christmas if I don’t see you before. Enjoy every smell & experience as I will!

Lotsa love,


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