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27 January, 2020

Dear Kind Sponsor, Thank you so much for our ongoing relationship. I hope you are enjoying finding out all about me. One day I hope to be famous as this year I won a PDSA Animal Devotion Award as my Divine Instinct has helped to save my Mum’s life. Since I came into her life as a Pup in 2009 she has not felt suicidal. Am hoping to get onto the front cover of ‘Dogs Today’ Magazine as I am a Heart Dog and surround my Mum with such love, joy & peace that she no longer attempts suicide. If I win then I will have a special photo shoot session and I love posing for photos as am very photogenic. Will keep you updated.

In my last letter I asked you to come to the Annual Gathering. We had a great time as over 40 people attended. Here you can see me at work. In the first picture I am just lying quietly so Mum can concentrate on her talk. In the second one I am doing my blocking so that she feelssafe with people sitting closely behind her. Calming Signals are a big thing for us dogs as it’s our Canine Language so that we communicate our peace to our Owner. Lying down is the best calming signal with whining, barking or biting being the highest signal. When we do this it means that we need some space and that we are helping ourselves and others around us keep calm.

The RAD Charity Shop is doing well. We make just about enough money to pay the rent for the Shop, Office & RAD Training Room. Fi-Fi (5 months old Cockerpoolab) and I work most days at the RAD Shop and Office together. She now lives and is being socialised by Assistant Dog Trainer Ben. She is quite obedient and is more fun to be around now that she’s a bit more sensible.

It was very sad after Christmas because a treasured member of our pack called Mimi (black & white Cocker Spaniel aged 17 years) passed away. She had lived with us since I was a Pup. We miss her but know that she went to the Rainbow Bridge and is now in Heaven. Here is Mimi demonstrating the best calming signal!

Enjoy every smell & experience as I will Lotsa love,


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