14 May, 2020

Dear Kind Sponsor,

Thanks so much for continuing to sponsor me. We couldn’t be part of this great Mission, to help people to have choice & control so they can live an abundant, independent life ,without you. In my last letter I told you about how I won a PDSA National Animal Devotion Award for helping my Mum to stop attempting suicide. The last time she attempted suicide was in 2008 and I was born in 2009 so that just proves how much I’ve helped. Mum keepssaying that I am far better than any husband and the next best thing to God. Here’s a picture of me with my Award at the PDSA Hospital in Leicester. We got into the local paper and onto the radio. Fame atlast!

Since lockdown on March 24 we have had to close the RAD Charity Shop. However we have not been slacking and have a new Corona Mercy Project that involves visiting the local Clients and taking them boxes of Goodies (free from the TESCOs & ASDA), Skype Person-Centred Guidance Sessions & Dog Training on Zoom. I miss the face-to-face Dog Training Sessions as I love watching the other dogs. However we do take some of the Client’s dogs walkies and this is fun as I come too.

My favourite thing now is going to the Supermarkets and Mum is doing some special training to stop me sniffing the floor and looking for scraps. Everytime Mum sees me with my head up she says ‘good’ and gives me a treat. If my head is down (pretty rare these days) then she’ll say ‘head-up’ then I get praise and a reward. Am really motivated nowadays to focus on Mum and help her stay calm. Like the other day a manimpolitely told Mum off for standing too close. Immediately I nudge her with my nose reminding her not to get upset and instead of calling the man a name she turns to me and praises me. As though I need any more reward than this. I just love to see Mum stable and peaceful. Am hoping we’ll get back to visiting my friends in cafés like in the above photo soon.

On March 8 Mum helped to organise an International Women’s

Day Event. Here she is standing next to Alice Hawkin’s Statue as

she campaigns for Catholic Women’s Ordination. I love these

activities that I do with Mum as I feel that one day I may be famous

as this would be a great way of spreading the word that people

should be treated with equality & dignity. I do believe that when

Mum is able to pursue her calling she will be fully healed.

Be filled with great confidence that love & mercy will always prevail in these challenging times.

Lotsa love,


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