27 January, 2020

Dear sponsor,

Firstly, Amber has decided to change my name to Nala and I really like it. I think it suits me. Secondly, this will be my last letter to you as Amber has decided that I shall remain a RECOVERY Assistance Dog but not have any Sponsors anymore. I have a friend in need of some new Sponsors called Fi-Fi.

She is a Cockerpoo/Lab of 5 months and training to be a RAD Dog within the Charity like I did and is really sweet. Here is a photo of her. We are hoping you will want to continue to sponsor her instead of me.

I’ve been very busy since I last spoken to you! Amber has decided to take some time off of university to work on her Mental Health. I miss seeing all of Amber’s friends, they give good cuddles. One of Amber’s friends Matt has a guide dog called gallop, so we go up to see them so that gallop and I can playtogether when we aren’t working. Since I last spoke to you we celebrated Amber’s 21st birthday and CHRISTMAS!! I got spoiled!

There has been lots of training and going over already learnt stuff lately. I’ve improved massively on not reacting to other people in public when they try to pet me. I’m much more focused on Amber, so much so that people don’t get a reaction out of me now. I’ve also been a lot better at performing deep pressure therapy in public. That’s where I lay on amber and comfort her with my weight. My heeling has become really good in crowded places. I’ve also been to the theatre a few times, and I can now hold my down-stay for a very long time. I can do it for the whole performance including the intervals. Amber is very proud. Now we have some time off we can spend lots more time training and going out to public places.

Amber is my bestest Buddy. We do everything together and she has my full attention. I just want to make her proud, which I’m sure she is.

If you are OKay to continue to sponsor Fi-Fi you don’t need to do anything she will write to you in the next Bundle in April, 2020.

Licks and kisses,


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