3 August, 2019

Dear Kind Sponsor,

Thanks so much for continuing to sponsor me. Since I last wrote to you my life has made a big turn up for the books. I went to live with my new Owner in July, 2019 that I have been training for all my life. Also I’ve managed to pass my Gold Good Citizen Award and the PAW (Public Access Wellbeing) Test so I can now wear a RAD Vis Jacket to accompany my new Mum everywhere.

Since moving here to my new home by the sea, I have found how enjoyable it is when I finally learn or understand a new task. My love for training is clear to my new Mum and it encourages me to keep trying even when I don’t achieve immediately what is expected. In the short while since being with my new Mum, I have taught her many things (some of which my new Mum is still trying to fully take on). She is having to come to the realisation that I won’t do everything perfectly first time and I do take some time to adapt to a new surrounding. My new Mum is a bit of a perfectionist, so this is sometimes incredibly frustrating for her. More and more I am teaching her that it’s okay to take a few minutes to get your bearings right before proceeding with work.

The biggest thing I am teaching my new Mum constantly is that her mental health problems are not going to miraculously disappear. Sometimes Mum starts to feel really bad when she has a bad day because she felt she shouldn’t because I was with her. But I’ve made her realise that having a bad day is not wrong in the slightest and that the day can still be filled with moments of productivity or happiness in between. Life with me has been challenging at times but at the end of the day I always put a smile on her face and it makes her giggle when I finally manage to do the task right. I really feel my new Mum and I are becoming a team when we work & play together. It makes my Mum realise that it’s going to take

time to get it right. It’s a rollercoaster; some days are good while others are bad for her. But at the end of the day, I, Chocci will do anything for a treat and some love!

Thanks again for being part of my Mission to help my new

young Owner find independence and an abundant life at University.

Lotsa love,

Chocci xxxxx

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