31 August 2018

Dear Sponsor,

Thank you so much for being one of my new Sponsors. I would like to tell you some more about my life, my mission and myself. I am a little Cockerpoo puppy of 4 months old called Chocci. The Client chose me, as I am such a calm, peaceful and loving puppy but I have to learn bite-inhibition as my mouthing upset the Client. At the beginning I felt a little put out being taken away from my Mum at 8 weeks old but then I noticed that it’s fun at my new home playing with the other two dogs. We romp around together in the garden, tugging at toys and darting under the bushes. The other two dogs have been trained as RECOVERY Assistance Dogs and are great Mentors for me. Please see the photo of us all here below.

I live with a RECOVERY Assistance Dogs Trainer and am being trained specifically for a client who is finding my puppy needs challenging. I am looking forward to going to live with a Client when I am a year old as I have a Mission in life to help humans with their Wellbeing. This will start when I have passed my Level 1 Assessment and have a RAD Vis Jacket. I am the second puppy to be trained by a RAD, KCAI (Kennel Club Accredited Instructor) for a client. I feel really honoured to be doing this to help a Survivor to become more independent with choice and control in their life.

My RAD Trainer has already noticed how clever, cute and funny I am. I love smelling the flowers in the garden here is a picture of this. The first thing I learned was to come when called. That was easy as everytime I turned up at the Trainer’s side after she called “CHOCCI” in a high voice I got a treat. Simple no brainer! Treats, hugs and toys really work as motivation for me. Next I learnt to ‘go to bed’ back to the safety of the crate when asked. Here I can feel safe as am not getting under anyone’s feet. Of course I learned to sit, lie down and stand in the first week too. We practice this in the bank and at the word ‘sit’ I now sit to attention like I am in the Army until I get a treat. Then if the Trainer says ‘stay’ I will remain seated for a little longer for another treat. Wow so young to be learning all this! Yes, but I love the training and feel like I am part of a team. I just want to please my trainer, be good and feel included. What’s the next thing? Well we are starting Puppy Training in September. We will be doing one class per week and I am really looking forward to meeting all my new playmates.

We have really packed in the socialisation puppy plan since I arrived at my Trainer’s home. We go out into town every day and I love all the sights, sounds and smells of the Market. I am learning not to pick everything up, not to jump & also not to mouth the people I meet. My trainer has taught me to stop this and chew on treats or toys. If I try to mouth human flesh they say ‘Stop’ and put their hand up in the Stop position. When I am being good and not mouthing I get a treat so this is working.

Do hope you are okay and are managing to get out and about in the Sunshine. I just love the walks in the parks in Leicester especially with all the smells of mown grass and spring flowers. Here is a picture of me being good as gold in the RAD Office.

Look forward to writing to you again soon when I can tell you all about my progress.

Lotsa loves, licks and hugs,


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