4 April 2019

Dear Sponsor,

Hi hope you doing well. Thanks for your Sponsorship as I am now nearly 9 months old! I look quite big as am quite fluffy. Am still living with the Dog Trainer who is my Mum as I love her dearly. Mum says that as soon as possible I will be groomed so that my coat is short. This is because I get so hot that I have my mouth open like a Crocodile cooling down. We’re sure that having a short coat will help my rather bouncy behaviour. This is because panting is linked to getting excited and when I am cooler then I can be more cool and grown up. All I want to do is to make my Mum happy and am intelligent enough to do this.

Mum says I am clever because of all the ‘poo’ in me. Poo being short for poodle of course as you know that I am a Cockerpoo.

So since we last spoke I’ve been busy. I took my Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award and that was easy enough. It involved sitting still without moving for 1 minute. Also I had to learn not to jump up at people, to come when called, be groomed politely and sit patiently while Mum talked to people with their dogs.

I love all this training as when I get it right I get treats. Mum says good (or clicks a clicker) when I do the behaviour she is asking for then I know a treat is on its way. I got my Silver GCDS Award on the second go. Please see the picture. This is because I was feeling hot & excited and couldn’t concentrate. I was supposed to sit still for 2 minutes and felt too yappy to do this. Anyway I got it the second time and walked beautifully on my looselead on a busy pavement. Also I was called away from distractions. All this means that am well on my way to becoming a RECOVERY Assistance Dog. I will be able to take the Gold Award and do my PAW (Public Access Wellbeing) Test to get the RAD Vis Jacket in May 2019 when I am a year old.

Thanks again for your kind Sponsorship. Look forward to writing to you again soon when I can tell you all about how I love Fundraising. Here are some more pictures to keep you going.

Lotsa loves, licks and hugs,

Chocci xxxxx.

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