Hi you can now book coming to STRAD Sessions Online.

These are the Sessions' Levels so make sure that you are attending the right level for you & your dog:

12.07.19 Bronze Award Practice

19.07.19 Bronze/Silver Award Practice

26.07.19 Bronze Award Assessment

02.08.19 No STRAD

09.08.19 No STRAD

16.08.19 Silver Award Practice

23.08.19 Silver Award Assessment

30.08.19 Gold Award Practice

06.09.19 Gold Award Practice

13.09.19 Gold Award Practice

20.09.19 Gold Award Assessment

27.09.19 PAWT Practice

04.10.19 PAWT Practice

11.10.19 PAWT Assessment

18.10.19 Level 2 Practice - Skilled Assistance

25.10.19 Level 2 Practice - Skilled Assistance

Look forward to seeing you soon. Meanwhile Enjoy! your dog and keep cool.

Everyone is Welcome and will be encouraged to have choice & control in the Training of their Dog.

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