RAD Inductions



Level 1 Session Plan             
11.00am - 11.10am Introduction - How RECOVERY Dogs project started. 10 mins. 
11.10am - 11.20am Support with Individual Dog Training Behaviour

11.20-11.50am 16 Step Training Plan - Experience training the dogs. 30 mins.
11.50am - 11.55am Reference Letters. 5 mins. 
11.55am - 12.00pm Support with Personal Budgets - Contracts. 5 mins. 
12.00pm BREAK


12.15pm - 12.25pm Fundraising Opportunities 10 mins.
12.25pm - 12.30pm Walk with the dogs outside or in the park. 5 mins.
12.50pm - Evaluation
Please let us know at RECOVERY4Wellbeing@gmail.com  if you would like to come or have done the induction and are ready for your assessment or the next stage of training. If you need to talk to us please ring or text on 07932433148 or 0116 283 3363.
Please do bring your dog that you want to train if you have one. Also one friend or family member would be most welcome too. We never have more than 4-5 dogs so please let us know as soon as you know you would like to come. 

RAD INDUCTIONS will take place 11.00pm - 1pm at 10, Saint Andrews Road, Leicester, LE2 8RD. Here are the next available dates in 2020:

23 January, 2020

19 March, 2020

14 May, 2020

16 July, 2020

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