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RAD K9 School 

Welcome to RAD K9 School – Professional Dog & Owner Training

(Operated by and on behalf of Recovery Assistance Dogs (RAD) registered charity no:1125395)

Forward by Maryrose Terry MGODT, CIDBT. Dog Behaviourist.

RAD`s Chair of the Board of Trustees.

I am proud to launch RAD`s Dog Training school called RAD K9 School.


The Dog Training offered is from puppy socialisation through to adult dogs training.

The non-profit enterprise will provide much needed funds for the main charity activities of RAD`s training for members Assistance and Companion dogs.


RAD K9 School gives you the opportunity to train your dog to high quality Standards and support a Charity at the same time!


All profits from RAD K9 School go straight into the charity funds.


The Charity

Recovery Assistance Dogs (RAD) is a Mental Health charity and one of its primary roles is training Assistance and Companion Dogs for our members' own dogs.


RAD members live with a Mental Health Issue and their assistance dog supports them every day. It takes around 18 months to fully train an Assistance Dog for our members.


The RAD members pay a nominal amount for membership for their dog training provision, so the charity relies heavily on fundraising and donations to support its activities.


RAD K9 School starts its first courses in August 2021 and will be held in the evening and weekends at suitable venues with qualified autonomous Dog Trainers.


Starting off in Leicester in central venues but will be held anywhere in the country using our copyrighted RAD K9 School dog training manual.

  • Our dog trainers are qualified experts who are passionate about dogs and their training.

  • Our training methods are positive and based on motivation and reward.

  • Our aim is to help you to train your dog to become a sociable and well-mannered pet that is a pleasure to own.

  • We have classes to suit all requirements from Puppy Socialisation Courses and New Handlers and also competition obedience and agility classes plus fun agility.

RAD K9 School observe the 5 Golden Rules of Dog and Puppy Training


RAD K9 School observe the 5 Golden Rules of Dog and Puppy Training

  • Training should be an enjoyable experience for you and your dog, so we make learning fun for both you and your dog.

  • We keep training sessions short. Dogs, particularly puppies, do not possess long attention spans.

  • We reinforce good behaviour with positivity.

  • We are always consistent.

  • Punishment has no place in RAD`s Dog Training.

RAD K9 School is a Non-Profit Enterprise that Raises funds for the charity RAD Assistance Dogs & Companion Dogs.

Supporting people who live with Mental Health issues every day.

Maryrose Terry             


Join the RAD K9 School waiting list now to secure a place on the course you require.

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1/ Puppy Socialising Course (Level 1)
6 weeks *£85

30 minutes 

2/ Puppy Training Course (Level 1)
6 weeks *£85

30 minutes 

3/ Basic Training Course (Level 1)
6 weeks *£85

30 minutes


4/ Level 2 Course
6 weeks *£99

After completion of a Puppy/Basic (Level 1) Course - 45 minutes 

5/ Level 3 Course
6 weeks *£99

After completion of a Level 2 Course - 45 minutes 

6/ Private Puppy Course
3 sessions *£149

7/ Advanced Training Sessions       *£ Variable- Fee on application

After completion of the complete Basic Training Programme

8/ Outdoor Training & Agility Courses    *£ - Fee on Application


To be Introduced in 2022.  (Not currently available)

RAD Level 3 Dog Trainer - Instructor Course - Fee to be advised.


  • Courses can be booked online, and payment will be required when booking your place. Private 1-2-1 Training needs to be booked via phone/email and you can pay for your service in advance by bank transfer.

  • If you are planning a holiday or suspect your dog will come into season during a course, you are advised to wait for the next course. If your dog is unwell or in season, they are unable to attend – once booked a course place is your own so once a course has started, unfortunately we cannot refund for weeks you are unable to attend.

  • Dogs with behaviour problems such as aggression/ barking at other dogs are not able to attend a training course in the first instance. Adult Dogs new to training courses must be well socialised. A paid assessment can be arranged if required.

  • All courses have limited places available, and you are not guaranteed a place on any course unless it is booked and paid for.

  • Our courses are comprehensive which makes them unsuitable for very young children, however older children usually enjoy the opportunity to get involved with training their puppy/dog.

RAD K9 School is a non-profit enterprise and trading name of Recovery Assistance Dogs. Charity number. 1125395