RECOVERY Assistance Dogs Reassures You

RECOVERY Assistance Dogs Staff and Trustees would like to reassure you that RECOVERY Assistance Dogs has:

* High & Rigorous  Training Standards that use Modern Training standards upheld by Kennel Club Accredited Instructors and Association of Pet Dog Trainers that use positive reinforcement.

* Recognises the needs of the dog and the client to have Wellbeing. We follow Chirag Patel's guidance for the dog to have choice and control in its life with no force or bullying.

* Policies that include a Confidentiality Policy, Equal Opportunities Policy, Equality and Diversity Policy that protect clients from bullying and any unprofessional behaviour.

* Transparent Accounts that follow legal laws and procedures that  let Clients, Volunteers, the General Public, Sponsors and Staff know what the funding pays for. This is on the website in the latest Annual Report under the tab 'About Us'.

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