A Statement And A Report About Suicide From The Charity SANE

Dear Sane, 
I saw your report on Suicide and felt that you have missed out one of the main points. We have done our own research and as Survivors of suicide we have some experience and knowledge. 
The main cause of suicide is losing the will to live because you have lost freedom, choice and control in your life (or you feel that you are about to lose it). 
Our strapline is: "Freedom is more important than Health as without it you lose the will to live." 
RECOVERY Assistance Dogs should work with SANE to get the message and truth about suicide across. In order to protect Survivors from bullying and discrimination a Fair Trial should take place before anyone can be refused entry or locked up in a psychiatric Ward. 
Please let us know your views on this.

The report : http://www.sane.org.uk/sane_on_suicide

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