26 July, 2019

July 26, 2019

Dear Kind Sponsor,


Hi hope it’s warm enough for you! I love the  warm weather especially with my Cooling coat on. Here is a picture of me looking like ‘SuperDog’ wearing it and feeling really cool. Also I love swimming and when we went to DogFest, Bristol in June I had a go in the Doggy Swimming Pool and got this lovely pic.



Mum and I have lots of fun working at RECOVERY Assistance Dogs. As you know we regularly go Fundraising and at DogFest, Knebworth they treated me like a Superstar as you can see. I love all the attention.


I am looking forward to going on holiday with Mum to Portugal in October as long as it’s simple to get the flights organised. I will sit with her in the cabin on a free seat and feel truly blessed as I love travelling and flying in particular. So I do get lots of time off to relax with Mum as she will be retiring in November 2021 so we are beginning to wind down a bit. She is only supposed to work 24 hours a week now so we can spend more time walking, swimming, doing Agility and all the chilled out things necessary for our Wellbeing.


We are working hard to raise over £10,000 for the Canine Agility Gym at Aylestone, Leicester that I told you about in my last letter. Please do have a look at the links below if you make a pledge you could get some Dog Agility Training or have a cheap holiday in our Caravan at Sutton-on-Sea:








Have a look and enjoy!

Lotsa love,


















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