The Corona Mercy Project  
ARE YOU JUST JAM-ING (Just About Managing)?

Although the virus has meant many physical meet-ups and get-togethers have had to be cancelled, the commitment to care for RECOVERY Assistance Dogs clients’ needs remains strong.

Technology today means that we can remain social, and still address health inequalities even whilst we're physically apart. Our RAD 'Corona Mercy Project' is committed to filling this vital need by doing Zoom Online Meetings:

* STRAD (Survivors Training RECOVERY Assistance Dogs) Training on Fridays at 2.30-4.30pm.
* Centering Therapy Groups on Tuesdays at 4pm.
* Monthly RAD Management Meetings on Second Monday of the Month at 12.30pm- 2.30pm.

Carlym Quantrill, and her RAD Dog in training chihuahua Slinky, says “I have suffered from Mental Health problems for most of my adult life. Since becoming a service user of RAD I have found the services RAD offer have been tremendously helpful stopping isolation & loneliness. Person-Centred Guidance with a RECOVERY Support Worker on Skype and the Dog Training sessions using Zoom, also weekly, is great. It helps to be able to see & talk to other people with Mental Health problems & see how they are getting on & how their Dogs are helping them. I have also been told I can access food parcels which is reassuring as getting to the shops is very difficult as is getting a delivery slot. I know that if one of my Dogs needs anything e.g. a trip to the vets that someone from RAD would help me.”

We would love to hear from you as we have some Funding Leicestershire Communities Fund) for a month and Leicestershire & Rutland for 3 months (possible extension for 6 months) for people in Leicestershire & Rutland who could do with some support during this period.

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Are you jam-ing (Just About Managing) or

are you finding you need some extra help?

If so then we can:

* Help you feel connected with weekly Person-Centred Guidance with a RECOVERY Support Worker on Skype.

* Do weekly Centering Therapy (Mindfulness with a dog), Dog Training, RAD Management Zoom Meetings on line. 

* Visit you weekly on your doorstep and drop off a free box of ambient food (Bread, pastries, fruit, veg, eggs &/or flowers).

* Tuesday or Saturday morning visits in the Hinckley Area.

* Monday or Thursday afternoons in the Leicester Area.

* Saturday in the Oakham area

* If you need help with cleaning, shopping, cooking or anything else please let us know.

* RECOVERY Support Workers usually visit with their RAD Dog (or RAD Dog in training) so can help with your Dog Training queries about how Dogs can help us feel loved during lockdown or safe while out shopping (or in the Community).

* Help you get some Funding up to £300 through Charity Link for something to help you survive these challenging times (like a magi-mix for making cakes!).

* Also we can walk your dog if you are self-isolating.

If you don't need help yourself but would like to donate please do click on the link below to help RAD to continue to support people who need safeguarding during this Corona Mercy period:!/DonationDetails

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CQ with Slinky.jpg
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Additional information

Having social connections is an important factor that shapes our opportunities to be healthy and live longer lives.

Much of what we do at RECOVERY Assistance Dogs places a strong emphasis on building social connections as the foundation for increased confidence, skills, voice and aspiration.

Social connections can reduce isolation, combat loneliness and reduce stress, as well as contributing to a sense of meaning and purpose in life.

RAD Members, Staff & Volunteers have risen to the challenge, and are finding new ways to connect, reach out, and deliver vital services to their local communities.

RAD Dog Training and Meetings are moving online with Zoom whilst physical distancing and self-isolation is recommended, in order to follow government advice and protect their members, many of whom are within the vulnerable criteria.

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